Wednesday, 17 November 2010

UN: Food prices may rise by up to 20%

The Guardian summarises the current report by the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO):

Poor harvests put global food reserves under pressure, with African and Asian countries likely to be worst hit. Opening paragraphs:
The UN today warned that food prices could rise by 10%-20% next year after poor harvests and an expected rundown of global reserves. More than 70 African and Asian countries will be the worst hit, said the Food and Agricultural Organisation in its monthly report.

In its gloomiest forecast since the 2007/08 food crisis, which saw food riots in more than 25 countries and 100 million extra hungry people, the report's authors urged states to prepare for hardship.


    This BBC article from September 2010 shows how it was already known that rising food prices is a problem. Despite grain prices hitting a 2 year high, the UN had previosuly tried to play down this problem.

    This link from the FT evaluates and collates a number of key articles relating to rising food prices and the effects it has/may have.