Sunday, 27 March 2011

CFR: Global Governance Monitor

The US-based think tank the Council for Foreign Relations monitors developing situations worldwide—an important feature resident on their excellent website is an interactive utility which they have called the Global Governance Monitor (click to link)

Its function? - "Tracks, maps and evaluates multilateral efforts to address today's global challenges". Sounds perfect for our needs in the Global Politics strand of the A2 syllabus....!
About the Global Governance Monitor
The challenge of global governance has never been more imperative and more daunting to realize. The headlines are filled with transnational challenges, from terrorism to climate change to weapons of mass destruction. To foster better understanding of modern global challenges--and the international community's record in responding to them--the International Institutions and Global Governance (IIGG) program has launched the Global Governance Monitor.
The Global Governance Monitor is a tool that shows how the international community is doing in addressing the most daunting threats that it faces. For each issue area, the monitor provides:
  • a cinematic overview of the challenge, which explains why international cooperation is needed;
  • an interactive timeline that traces the world's efforts to craft collective responses to the challenge;
  • an issue brief that evaluates the overall performance of the regime and suggests potential reforms to improve international cooperation;
  • a matrix that catalogs relevant international treaties, organizations, and initiatives;
  • an interactive map that details critical countries and groups; and
  • a resource guide for further information on the topic.
We hope that by monitoring the world's performance now, we can help U.S. and international policymakers identify remaining gaps in global regimes and propose new institutions or partnerships to fill them.
It's pleasing to see that each of the areas reported on within the CFR Global Governance Monitor have fairly recent updates... Two areas of current concern to us—War and Nuclear Proliferation—have updates of 28 February and 18 November respectively.

Definitely worth a look in effort to broaden our knowledge of these topics!

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