Sunday, 19 September 2010

China embraces environment challenge, US ignores it...

... or at least that's the opinion of respected commentator and regular New York Times Op-Ed contributor, Thomas L. Friedman:

Aren't We Clever? ("while America’s Republicans turned “climate change” into a four-letter word — J-O-K-E — China’s Communists also turned it into a four-letter word — J-O-B-S").

In his usual concise style, Friedman outlines China's practical approach to environmental challenges and warns America of the dangers of complacency:
... because runaway pollution in China means wasted lives, air, water, ecosystems and money — and wasted money means fewer jobs and more political instability — China’s leaders would never go a year (like we will) without energy legislation mandating new ways to do more with less. It’s a three-for-one shot for them. By becoming more energy efficient per unit of G.D.P., China saves money, takes the lead in the next great global industry and earns credit with the world for mitigating climate change.
A useful opinion piece: read it in full!

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