Thursday, 9 September 2010

UN peacekeepers 'failed' DR Congo rape victims

BBC News Online has a report summarising the shocking findings that UN peacekeepers did little or nothing to prevent the mass rape of civilians by rebel troops in the Democratic Republic of the Congo:
The BBC's Thomas Hubert, in Goma, said the Congolese government was pleased to see the UN shoulder some of the responsibility for failing to stop human rights abuses, but disappointed that there was no stronger commitment to tackle rebel groups.

Government spokesman Lamert Mende called on the UN to support its national army more directly against the militias.

He urged peacekeepers to "do the dirty work" and "move to the front".
 An important and recent example of the difficult line UN peacekeepers have to tread...

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  1. Such deficiencies within the UN are a key reason for why people feel it is an outdated body.