Tuesday, 4 January 2011

BBC News: Sudan - One Country or Two?

BBC News Online features a convenient and (carto)graphic summary of the issues surrounding the referendum to be held in southern Sudan this Sunday:


The Sudanese referendum will (failing any catastrophes) form the main global news story over the first non-holiday weekend of New Year 2011. The BBC provides a convenient summary:
Sudan - Africa's biggest country - seems to be on the verge of splitting in two. Southerners will vote on Sunday whether or not to leave the north. These maps show the extent to which Sudan is already two nations - a richer, Arabic-speaking, Muslim north and a poorer south devastated by years of conflict and neglect.
The internet provides any number of convenient resources for this important event. Wikipedia, of course, represents a convenient starting point:



  1. i find this article very interesting, i have found another article about the Ivory coast, where the UN recognised president elect has called for a West African special forces operation to remove Laurent Gbagbo after he refused to give up power after losing in the Presidential Election on the 28th of November 2010


  2. More information on the referendum: