Sunday, 30 January 2011

Foreign Policy magazine: Think Again - American Decline

Gideon Rachman, chief foreign-affairs commentator for the Financial Times and author of Zero-Sum Future: American Power in an Age of Anxiety, weighs in with a reasoned article in Foreign Policy magazine outlining five reasons why American decline (and China's rise) is now really in the offing:
  • Objections that we've heard about US decline repeatedly before ignore the fact that things are now fundamentally different
  • The idea that China will implode under its own weight is ill-founded
  • The comforting fact that America currently still "leads across the board" is not much more than ill-informed complacency
  • The notion that globalization will always favour Western values is tenuous on current evidence
  • Finally, the idea that "globalization is not a zero-sum game" is incorrect
Clearly there is much that could be said to counter these ideas—read the comments below the article. Nonetheless, an informed opinion from an experienced commentator / observer and one that should be read in a timely fashion.

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